Dear Friend,

I am worried about the soaring number of local people who can’t afford food or rent because of inflation. I am asking if you could donate to help them.

If you’ve already sent a donation – thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Your donation is a lifeline for families who need help the most right now.

If you haven’t given yet, it’s not too late. Your donation will still make a huge difference as we approach the cold, winter months. AND your donation will still be matched! So far, we have raised only $45,168 toward our matching funds goal of $69,742!

 Every $1 you donate will become $2 to fight homelessness and hunger, RIGHT NOW!

Your gift is needed now more than ever. The phones are ringing off the hook at SOS. Housing costs 10% more this year. Grocery prices have skyrocketed.

More people are facing eviction and homelessness. Many people already are living outside. As the weather gets colder, they are worried because they have no place to go. I am especially worried about people living outside right now with the snowstorm we have coming this weekend.

You can help! And right now, matching funds will match what you give dollar for dollar until we’ve raised a total of $69,742.


Pandemic funding to help families afford housing and food has run out. The pandemic moratorium on evictions has expired. Eviction filings have skyrocketed this fall.

Systems to help families are with emergency food and housing are overwhelmed by funding cuts and labor shortages. Meanwhile, the number of people who need help is surging.


If caring people like you to step up, more people will find the help they desperately need to survive this winter. And the donation you make today will go twice as far because of matching funds.

Your gift will help people like Alissa.

Alissa is in a pretty dark place. A few months ago, her world came crashing down when her boyfriend was killed.

Alissa was suddenly left alone to parent their five-year-old son and three-year-old daughter. She was also six months pregnant.

After Mike died, Alissa and her children lost their home. They just couldn’t pay the rent without his income. She is living in her car with her new baby, their two older kids, and her broken heart.

She is trying to figure out what to do next, but she thinks about Mike every day. It’s hard for Alissa to move forward when all of her thoughts come back to how things would be different if he was still here.

She needs help to start again and build a happy future for her children.

It can be hard to move forward after losing a loved one and losing your housing. But a caring person to provide support, encouragement, and help can make all the difference.

You can be that caring person for Alissa and other people who feel trapped and afraid. By giving today (and your gift will be matched), you can be a lifeline for Alissa and other people with nowhere else to turn.

You can end the nightmare a family here in the community is living right now. The warmth of your kindness can relieve the dread they feel when they suddenly have nowhere to go and fear the coming months of endless cold.

 Your gift will make all the difference for parents and their children. You’ll be giving them a message that will fill their heart with hope: “You are treasured. You will have enough to eat. And you will sleep safe and sound.”

Please give right away. You will help your neighbors turn their lives around — just when things looked darkest for them.

Your support for SOS shows me how much you care about our community and people facing homelessness and hunger. Thank you.

 As you prepare for the holiday season, you will remember all of the things that are most important to you. You will remember how important your family and your community are to you. They give you the support you need to keep going no matter how big your problems are.


You can provide that support to families facing homelessness and hunger this winter by making a donation today. Your gift will double your impact since it will be matched dollar for dollar up to $69,742.

You may be making difficult choices because of inflation too. If you can’t help right now, I understand. But if you can help, please know you are needed now more than ever! Please send your donation today.

As you celebrate the holidays during these last weeks of 2022, thank you for keeping people in need in your thoughts and in your heart.

This season of cold and snowy weather is also a season of sharing and giving. The warmth of your concern for others will make their hardships more bearable for them. Please give generously.

With Gratitude,
Rhonda Weathers

Executive Director


P.S. You can rescue families and children from sleeping outside this winter. Give now to prevent and end homelessness now. Your gift will be DOUBLED with matching funds up to $69,742!