Helping Children Learn and Grow

Children are the most vulnerable and least visible victims of homelessness.

For any child, healthy growth and development happens in stable, secure home.

That’s why SOS Community Services offers families housing and caring support to overcome the risk factors for children who are homeless, which include developmental delays, health problems, and falling behind in school.

Support for Younger Children

As parents work toward regaining stability in their families, SOS  offers them home visits and help planning for parenting and children’s needs. The SOS Parents as Teachers (PAT) Program provides a home visitation program for families who have children age 5 or younger. SOS PAT supports parents to be their children’s first and most important teachers. Parents learn how to foster healthy growth and development for their children. PAT includes parent-child play groups, individual in-home meetings with parents, developmental screenings for children, connections with community resources, and evaluations.

This program enrolls both families involved in SOS housing programs, and families in the community that meet the eligibility requirements. To learn more information about how to enroll you and your child in SOS PAT call 734-484-9944.

SOS children and staff
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