Alex Daoud, SOS food pantry volunteer, lives by this unknown quote: “It’s amazing what others can do for us, but it’s more astounding what we can do for each other.”

Alex started volunteering at SOS in July 2016. While working toward his undergraduate degree in social work at the University of Michigan, Alex finds time to volunteer at SOS’s food pantry. He unloads the food truck, assists with food distribution, and restocks shelves.

Many volunteers have wonderful memories to share with us about their time at SOS, and Alex is no exception. One day while Alex was volunteering at SOS’s pantry, he noticed an unfamiliar face. Alex asked the woman if this was her first time at the pantry and welcomed her to SOS. The woman appreciated his greeting, and decided to share her story with him. She had recently lost her job, and as a result came to SOS for food assistance. She was amazed at the amount of food that was available to her family. By the end of her visit, she was so grateful for the food that she began to cry tears of joy.

Alex says he will never forget that day, and realizes how a few bags of groceries can really make a big difference in people’s lives.

Thanks for helping SOS to feed hungry families Alex!