Mike Larson has been volunteering at SOS for 4 years, ever since retirement from being a chemist. He’s volunteered more than 665 hours.

“Mike a jack of all trades around here,” said Tracey, SOS’s Food Pantry Coordinator. He unloads the food truck every Monday and distributes food Tuesdays and Wednesdays. He’s done numerous building improvements at the offices and shelters, including installing blinds, painting, and moving furniture

When asked what prompted him to become involved, Mike responded with his dark humor, saying, “I’m a glutton for punishment. But in all seriousness, I like keeping busy by helping out where I can.”
Mike’s impact is significant. “Mike has helped SOS keep costs down with repairs in many different areas. I can’t even begin to estimate how many dollars he has saved SOS,” said Elizabeth. “He’s there with a smile ready to help whenever and wherever needed.”

Mike standing next to Resource Center sign