SOS’s resource navigator helped an elderly woman who was homeless during the winter with her adult, disabled son. They became homeless when their house was condemned. She had custody of her grandson but he was taken by protective services into foster care when she became homeless. She did not want to enter shelter because she would be separated from her adult disabled son, who would have to go to the men’s shelter. He was too disabled to manage his daily activities on his own in shelter. He relied on her help.

So, they began living in her car in spite of the cold. For about three months, they came to SOS’s Resource Center every week to get food and personal care items and to use the phone. The SOS resource navigator helped this mother and son apply for benefits including food stamps, Medicaid, and cash assistance. Eventually, through Housing Access of Washtenaw County, they found permanent housing. Today the mother, the disabled son, and another adult daughter have pooled their supplemental security income to afford housing at fair market rent. She also was able to regain custody of her grandson.