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"I like to help the community. I get to meet a lot of good people here, and it’s fun to be able to give back."

Mike Clark, Volunteer

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Celebrating Ypsilanti PRIDE Day
Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Volunteers gathered together at the SOS Resource Center on Saturday, May 16 to participate in the annual Ypsilanti PRIDE Day. This event, hosted by the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Regional Chamber of Commerce, seeks to increase community pride.

This year, four individuals from the community volunteered to weed, plant flowers, rake leaves and pick up trash at the SOS Resource Center.

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SOS New Officers & Board Members
Wednesday, May 27, 2015

SOS Community Services is pleased to announce newly appointed officers and new board members for 2015.

The SOS Officers are:

President - Robbin Pott, University of Michigan

Vice President - Nancy Shore, AATA-Get Downtown

Treasurer - Dan Foss, Old National Bank

Secretary - Jennifer Jensen, Ford Motor Company

"We are thrilled to have our new officers and new members on our Board of Directors. Their unique talents and skills will help strengthen the organization, as they serve as ambassadors for our mission in promoting housing stability in Washtenaw County," said Rhonda Weathers, executive director of SOS. "With their partnership we will continue to provide critical services for individuals and families in Washtenaw County. "

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Volunteer at the Ypsilanti Color Run!
Thursday, May 14, 2015

color run 1.jpg

Every year, the Ypsilanti Color Run brings an incredible 5K run experience to Washtenaw County. To make this event a success, the run requires a large number of volunteers who help throw color, register runners, hand out water bottles and more!

To register as a SOS Color Run volunteer, click the following link:

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Thank You to Our SOS Volunteers!
Friday, March 13, 2015


At SOS, we sincerely appreciate the hard work of all of our wonderful volunteers. We are honored to highlight the following volunteers who have gone above and beyond this year to positively impact SOS and the families we serve.

Molly Wozniak & Susan Boll: Children's Program Volunteers


Molly Wozniak & Susan Boll (pictured above) have volunteered with the SOS Girl Scouts Program since the fall of 2014. Every Wednesday, Molly and Susan generously provide education and entertaining activities to help the girls learn new skills and have fun with their peers.

Molly and Susan became SOS volunteers in an effort to be more involved in the community. They love interacting and building relationships with the girls and especially appreciate how the girls work together and help each other with projects.

"Volunteering with SOS has taught me a lot about homelessness and the impact is has on children. It's also shown me the resiliency of these girls and how SOS may brighten their future." - Molly

"Getting to know these girl scouts has shown me that no matter what path life takes you, these wonderful girl find happiness in the season, holidays, helping each other, family, friends and strangers. They have touched my heart in a remarkable way." - Susan

Thom Elliott: Food Program Volunteer


Thom Elliott has been a dedicated Food Program Volunteer since the summer of 2014 and has since taken on a leadership role during the food distribution process every Wednesday. In addition, he helps with stocking and unloading food on Mondays.

"Volunteering for SOS has given me a sense that I am actually contributing to my community in a concrete way. I am part of a team of people who care about the state fo the world and are attempting to do something about it. The greatest means of helping one's self that I am aware of is helping the other, and SOS has allowed me to do just that." - Thom

Julie Santinga: Development Volunteer


Julie has been a volunteer with the SOS Development Department since the fall of 2014. In that time she has helped coordinate events such as the SOS Road to Home fundraiser and our Sponsor-A-Family and Sponsor-An-Apartment programs.

"Through this process, I met some really good people that have enriched my life. It also opened my eyes to all the needs that exist in our community and the important role this organization plays in serving those needs." - Julie

Ashli Logan: Administrative Volunteer


Ashli has been a volunteer in our front office since December 2014. As a new volunteer, Ashli has learned the role very quickly and become an important asset to the program.

"As a Sociology student at EMU my heart has always been with helping people and understanding their struggles. Homelessness is a much overlooked problem and SOS does such great work helping families in the community, I knew I wanted to be a part of it!" - Ashli

Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers who contributed their time and talent to benefit SOS this year! The following volunteers contributed at least 15 hours of service to the organization.

Administrative Services Volunteers

Jami Abdullah

Merce Miras Boronat

Shirley Brown

Sarah Campbell

Belen Cortes Ballesteros

Nancy Devooght

Michele Gardner

Nyi Nyi Gwa

Marian Harris

Dedra Jackson

Mecka Jordan

Ashli Logan

Charity Mack

Helen McKnight

Lisa Purdy

Stacy Thompson

Allison Thomsen

Children's Program Volunteers

Heather Assenmacher

Kelly Conen

Trisha Baldwin

Rosa Ball

Brandie Bentley

Melissa Blackstone

Susan Boll

Lisa Boschma

Samantha Buford

Kalilah Cliff

Helen Darling

Danielle Davis

Jasmine Degraffinried

Vin Duong

Geetha Elangovan

Victoria Fingerle

Emily Finkbiener

Carly Glahn

Jamice Harris

Armita Hezarkhani

Haley Krause

Michelle LaLonde

Samantha Lyons

Jennifer Miles

Jessica Miles

Joyce Moore

Emily Nagy

Deanne Nieburger

Kimberly O'hotzke

Sarah Orr

Candice Papineau

Zoe Parsigan

Christine Pennington

Bethany Preston

Bevelyn Reyes

Ashley Ricciardi

Jasmine Robinson

Amy Ryan

Megan Sasser

Mary Simkins

Dieanna Sims

Miranda Smith

Sara Stewart

Anna Turosky

Gayathri Vadlamundi

Dwight Wilson

Molly Wozniak

Rachel Zandee

Resource Center Volunteers

Jami Abdullah

Joshua Aillies

Pat Bingham

Terrance Bishop

Melissa Blackstone

Cheri Bradford

Alaijah Brewer

Kevin Brush

Wallace Bryant

Richard Burrell

Barry Childress

John Cramer

Nancy Devooght

Deon Edwards

Thom Elliott

Michele Gardner

Taylor Glick

Linda Goldberg

Shenaz Grewal

Shane Guthrie

Kendra Hollis

Karen Holman

Jeff Hudson

Rihan Issa

Telfer Johnson

Mike Larson

June Layher

Marini Lee

Roberta Longnecker

Randy Marshall

Roohee Marshall

Ray Mason

Irene Mendez

Jess Miller

Mike Morbitzer

Manuel Nunez-Guiterrez

Tajesh Patel

Crystal Porter

Shaun Reed

Carli Scheck

Sharon Schmidt

Jeremy Smith

Kimberley Smith

Keith Snell

Shelley Steele

Patricia Tabb

Judy Tatum

Tanesha Taylor

Samantha Toor

Anna Turosky

Alex VanEenenaam

Melissa Webb

Alicia Welden

April Wesoloski

Irene Yargee



SOS S.T.A.R. Program
Wednesday, January 07, 2015



Seventh-graders at Ypsilanti Middle School will get to enhance their dreams by learning new skills and engaging with the community through our upcoming Skills Training and Recognition (S.T.A.R.) after-school program!

During the program, students will practice skills such as painting, cake decorating and woodworking and then use these skills to give back to the community and be recognized for their mastery. Volunteers will help to run the program and act as positive adult role models.

According to Denee Walker, SOS S.T.A.R. Program Coordinator, the program's benefits are numerous. "The S.T.A.R. Program has proven to be effective in reducing instances of problem adolescent behaviors among youth, such as: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pregnancy, violence, etc. Students learn how to positively contribute to their community while obtaining skills they can continue to build upon."

The program is set to be introduced to SOS consumers this spring and will run from March 2-May 29, 2015

Want to join in on the fun? Volunteer!

Help make the S.T.A.R. Program a success by becoming a Program Volunteer or Skill Instructor!

Program Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to help run the S.T.A.R. Program. Volunteers are asked to commit to one day per week (Monday-Friday) from 2:30 - 6 PM.

Skill Instructor

We are looking for individuals who excel is a particular skill or trade. Skill Instructors should be willing to commit to teaching their skill to a group of seventh-graders for six weeks. We are open to all sorts of ideas for skills, like yoga, basketball, cooking/nutrition, animal care, art and more!

Interested volunteers should contact Jessie at 734-484-9900 or .


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